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Cross Fire 2.0

Team-based multiplayer first person shooter
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Suba Games
Join a server, find a team a put your reflexes, anticipation power to the test. Make sure that your team wins by shooting the enemies. Choose from a wide variety of weapons, each fitting a certain playing style and select among the several modes available: Team Deathmatch, Elimination mode, Seek and destroy or Ghost mode.

Cross Fire is an free online first-person shooter created by SmileGate and NeoWiz. The developing companies are based in South Korea, so there are gaming services for several Asian countries. But at last the game also came to the US as part of the G4box and Subagames community. The game is completely free and anyone can just register a new account and download it. The purpose of registering an account is for you to keep track of your involvement with the game, since you get military rankings and bonuses. This is a team-based multi-player first person shooter. Many of you will think is similar to Counter-Strike and, well, it is similar. You join either two teams, the Black List or the Global Risk. You have several weapons to choose from, in fact you have loads of weapons, they all have their advantages and the amount of weapons is a plus in the game. There are also several multi-player modes like Team Death match, Search and Destroy, Elimination Match and Ghost mode. The first modes of game are already familiar to many, but the Ghost mode is the game's main advantage. The players in one team are nearly invisible, but they only have a knife and they must blow up a target, the other team has to defend the target, and have all the weapons they want. This makes for exciting game-play and is a very popular game mode. As the game still has some bugs, you will encounter some problems here and there. But if you are not scared of trying something new, then get Cross Fire, and you will like it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good online FPS
  • The ghost mode is very fun


  • Still some bugs to iron out
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